Friday, March 11, 2011

January 30, 2011

Every time I think I can't love you all more.... I do. :)
Every time I think I can't love mission life more.... I do. :)
Every time I think I can't love the gospel more.... I do. :)
Every time I think I can't possibly meet any more amazing people.... I do. :)
And every time I think I can't possibly be happier... I am :)
This week has been absolutely incredible. 
I was invited to attend a leadership meeting as a trainer, and so we went on exchanges for a few days in albuquerque.   We stayed with our favorite sisters!!! Sister Eteaki and Sister Kinikini... amazing!! Sister Eteaki and I are friends from the MTC and trained for the first time just barely together.  And Sister Kinikini and Sister Perez are also good friends from the MTC.  We got to stay with them and when Sister Eteaki and I went to the trainings everyday (the only sisters), Sister Kinikini and Sister Perez stayed in their area and worked.  It truly was one of the best weeks I've had on the mission.  I love those girls!!!! The training was absolutely incredible.  I feel like a better person let alone missionary.  We learned so much!! I love President and Sister Miller.  And so many other incredible missionaries that have become our good friends.  I absolutely love my mission. 
At night we got to do work in their area with them.  It was so fun to meet new people and teach in english for a little while.  We all kept laughing saying it was too fun to be work.  I love those girls.  They even made us authentic tongan food! ;) One night, we got to go out on their balcony/roof and star gaze..... Taking in the peace around us.... just looking up at the heavens and knowing life is good.  It helped me to see the big picture... and feel nothing but absolute peace.  I loved every minute.  It was such an incredible push for Sister Perez and I.  We didn't realize how much we need to relax a little more and enjoy every minute.  I learned so much from them..... I swear people don't know HOW to be stressed in Tonga, and why should we be??? haha. :) It made me realize that worrying in life can wear you out.  "Worry about what you can change, and forget about the rest". Leave it in God's hands and enjoy it. 
It taught us so much.  And it has changed the work. 
Maybe i needed my own advice last week... to leave things in his hands after we've done our part... and just enjoy life. :)
It's a lesson I hope I always remember from them.
This week the work has been great.....
We had ward conference and were able to meet our stake presidency yesterday.  It was so neat to talk with them about the progress in our branch.  I am so proud of our little 'camino real' branch.  :) I love them so much.
The work is pressing forward.  Estrella and Bianca (Nery & Amariris's daughters, 18 and 16) are making some big changes in their lives.  I am so proud of those girls.  They are so strong.  And so many others are really progressing.  The work is incredible.
Last night we had the opportunity to watch the Joseph Smith movie with Estrella, Bianca, Melissa, Rafael and Edward.  Never in my life has that movie been so incredibly powerful. 
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for that man. 
He gave everything for us.... this gospel.
His unwavering conviction. 
I hope I can live worthy and follow his example. 
I have never had a firmer testimony that this IS the restored gospel.......
Joseph Smith WAS a prophet of God.....
And Thomas S. Monson IS OUR prophet today. 
God lives.
He loves us.
There is no more important think in our life to know, care, or worry about than just that. 
I love you all and pray for you.
Be strong and big hugs....