Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Sunrise

So I'm now serving with Sister Batchkoff and she is AMAZING! I love her so much.  She is like a long lost friend.  She has helped me more than I can say. 

The biggest lesson I have learned this week is to relax.  Find joy in everyday. 
“Life is not meant to be endured, but enjoyed” –President Hinckley. 

Sister Batchkoff has been so very good for me.  Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong this week.  We ran out of gas on Sunday.  Our phone got wet on Saturday and was ruined… making it hard to call ANYONE.  Hard news in emails.  I had strep throat for a bit.  Ja.  It was just a long week.  But with everything that came up, she has helped me to be calm.  To laugh at those moments when everything goes wrong and you know Satan is fighting against the good… and soak in the simple good things of life. 

through the dark clouds of satan's efforts, we can remember the sun is always behind them, and always strong enough to overcome them.

Just like Dad said in his email,we all need to remember to be kind. 

We need to be at peace.  To love more and stress less.  I think that is so key and important.  And more than anything, to remember the good we are doing. 
Something really stood out to me this week. 
If there truly is opposition in all things, and satan thinks the absolute worst of us, then Heavenly Father thinks the absolute best of us.  We must not feel weighed down or be overwhelmed by all our faults, our human nature, or all the good left undone.
We must see ourselves through God’s eyes, or we will forever judge ourselves through Satan’s.  If we see ourselves through Satan’s eyes, we will reach the potential HE sees in us, which is little to none.  We will blind our eyes to the good we have done if we let satan steal our eyes.

 I personally do not believe Heavenly Father ever cuts us down, is angry with us, Satan does enough of that. 

He does not look at ANY of us and think we are ugly, or worthless.  Satan does enough of that.  He sees the absolute best in us. 

See it in yourself.

Stop seeing the worst in yourself, because YOUR Heavenly Father sees the best.  You TOO are His child.  He asks us to love one another as ourselves.  It starts in our own head.  It makes it much more difficult to see the best in others when we are internally beating ourselves.  We cannot have true charity unless we love ourselves and can see the good we are doing. 

I want you to know that I love you all.  It is so easy to see how each of you are trying your very best to do and be all you can. 

I can't wait to hug you all.

See the best in yourself this week.

I love you,
Sister Jardine

Me and Sister Batchkoff

Eating healthy and learning how to cook! :) We made our first pozoli and it was SO good! :)

I love the skies here . . . . and a concept I need to remember