Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mi familia,

> I love you all so much.

> I'm so sorry we're emailing so late. Because of the holiday and

> transfers and lots of crazy experiences we're a few days late!

> This week has been incredible. Hard and SOOOO much progress.

> This field has been cultivated and cared for so long that now we're

> hardly able to keep up with the progress. We have so many now working

> towards baptism and more everyday. I am absolutely amazed. I am so

> grateful to be here another transfer and help these incredible people.

> They have become my own and I love them so very much.

> I feel like we've finally got a hand on the work.. Sister Perez and I

> work so well together and are so good at rolling with the punches. We

> put our heart and soul into it, and are doing so good. We're teaching

> an english class a few nights a week and playing soccer as a finding

> activity. We're also helping with family history. I can't believe

> the changes this area has been making.


> Even through the rough dry times we've had faith, we've known there is

> good ahead and we've worked for it. I've come to gain a strong

> testimony of "Miracles coming after the trial of our faith". Our

> faith has been tried and now I can't believe the miracles.


> On monday we recieved a text message from the referral system giving

> us a name referred from the website for us. After much opposition we

> were finally able to give him a call. Miguel Angel. Incredible man.

> He's dad's age and has children our age, though all in Mexico. Just

> talking to him on the phone, I have never heard someone so ready. He

> was so humble.... he'd been waiting. He'd given the church a thought

> a time or two but he has come to truly believe it for himself and

> wants to change his life. I truly have never met someone quite like

> him. These people are examples to me.

> He lives in a trailer with quite a few other broken sweet people

> trying to make a living. Including a sweet handicapped young man

> about our age, Luis. Just seeing how they are with him, feeding him

> and taking care of him, really humbled me. They are absolutely

> incredible people. And it seems all his friends are also so eager to

> learn. They've come to the english classes as well and we can hardly

> keep up with it all!


> We've also been working a lot with Nery & Amariris's family. (They

> have a few kids here in the states, all grown up, the youngest is 16)

> They are SO CLOSE!!!!! And we've seen miracles with their children. I

> absolutely cannot believe the change in that family. From hurt,

> dissinterested and fighting to stay together. To warm, loving,

> cultivating unity and craving the gospel. We hardly have enough time.

> We've started teaching each of them individually which has been

> incredible!!! They've been craving the gospel so for so long.


> Last night we taught one of their Daughters Estrella, and gave her her

> own book of Mormon. She is such a sweetheart. She's 18 and

> beautiful! But she has such a good head on her shoulders! We had the

> most incredible conversation about prayer, and it was incredible to

> see her understanding and love for the gospel. She is so ready.

> I have never seen anyone so ready.


> It's truly opened my eyes that all situations in life are like Santa

> Fe. We can easily find the hardships, trials, and darkness. It's

> hard not to be overwhelmed by it. But I know Satan only puts that in

> front of us when there is something so incredible ahead he doesn't

> want us to see or get to. Working hard and having faith, trusting our

> Heavenly Father in the good here has turned my heart and soul around

> and taught me so very much. This is his work and he will never allow

> it to fail. When we strive to see things through his eyes, we cannot

> comprehend nor handle the joy.

> There truly aren't words.

> I love Santa Fe.

> I love you all so much.

> Don't let the mists of Darkness discourage you, for they are only

> there to try to keep us from seeing the trees of life.


> If there wasn't good ahead, Satan wouldn't try.


> Never give him the upperhand.


> You are all so incredibly strong and I am honored to call you my family.


> I love you and pray for you constantly.


> Your baby girl,


> Hermana Lindsay Jardine

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How are you all this week??

This week has been another amazing week in Santa Fe. We find out about transfers on Saturday. I really hope we are both staying, but we'll always follow wherever we're called. I love my companion and I love this area so much. She is so strong and such an example for me. It's been a rough week for her and it breaks my heart. Keep her in your prayers. I love her. I feel so blessed to have seen and been a part of the turn around here. I am absolutely amazed. Our numbers as a branch for sacrament meeting have been in the 30's.... last sunday we had over 70. I am so amazed at how it has turned around. These people are incredible and have become even closer to us and each other. I can't tell you the miracles we've had bringing members to visit one another and strengthening one another. It's been incredible!!! I love the members here. 

One incredible story....

We were able to meet a sweet sister from Guatemala who has been inactive for over 7 years. We had an appointment with her last week.... as we talked, her pain unfolded. I can only imagine what she's been through. Her tears at the pain of past years. As we gave her a hug and talked to her.... she felt like family. Sister Perez made the note afterward that it was an overwhelming feeling of answering someone's prayers.... I know someone had been praying for her and I am so grateful to be Heavenly Father's hand and show her his love. She's been working 2-3 minimum wage jobs at a time to singlehandedly put her 6 children through school down there. All strong members of the church. Some of which attended EFY while I was down there! How sad is it that I have seen her children more recently than she has. She has become family to us. I absolutely love her and don't know how she's done it. After we met, she stayed to help us set up for an activity. She didn't want to go home. She's been to church and been a great help since. She is now a strong active member of the church! She's incredible. I love her. We've cried and laughed with her. And she will be someone I will always stay in touch with.

I love you all so much and pray for you daily.
Please be strong and know I love you.
I'm out of time, backed up at the library.
Love you and talk to you next week.
Sister Jardine