Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hola familia! Como estan? So, two quick things, first, the enter key doesn't work on this computer, so this will be one giant paragraph.. :) And second, I typed up a nice long email, and then it kicked me out and I lost my time..  but in the process to reset it, I got to be in the same building as the first presidency and twelve apostles! :) So, I won't complain..  The feeling there was just so incredible! It's the Mission President's Seminar this week which means the first presidency and twelve apostles train and teach a hundred or so new mission presidents for five days before they go into the field..  My new mission president is on the list! Hopefully I'll get to meet them ;)   Well, this week has been absolutely incredible..  Never in my life have I learned so much, and felt so changed in just one week! This week is one that has etched into my soul simple truths that I've always known, but now I FEEL with all my heart, and they are the reason I am HERE..  I know and feel my purpose!!! On Sunday as we watched 'Music and the Spoken Word', they depicted a video of families to the song 'Love is Spoken Here'..  A primary song I've heard a million times through growing up in the church, but this week, it hit deeper into my soul than anything has before..  I got choked up..  Mom, Dad, Lauren, Taylor, and Dillon..  I LOVE you..  I am SO honored to be a part of your family..  I love you..  I KNOW there is NOTHING more important in this life or the life to come than our loving families and families to come..  NOTHING..  I know it so strongly I am EAGER to go to New Mexico and share that message with anyone and everyone who will listen..  Dillon, I want you to know I love and miss you so much..  I know it is so hard to be away from those you love, and you mean the WORLD to me! :) You're my little man..  I came on my mission not because I don't love or miss you, or wanted an adventure to go on, but because I love you SO much! And there is a little boy, just like you in New Mexico somewhere, that maybe doesn't have a family, or know Jesus loves him, or know that he can live with his family forever! I am SO blessed to know that I can live with my family FOREVER! :) I love you Dillon and will NEVER leave you, no matter time or place..  I love you.. :) Heavenly Father called me on a mission to teach that little boy so he can be baptized like you..  And when I meet him, I will tell him all about my brother at home, how much I love him, and how I can't wait to see him again and give him the biggest hug! :) But that just like my family is mine forever, his can be too! I love you all so much..  Mom, thank you for teaching me with love..  For comforting me in your arms of love every time my heart ached..  For picking me up whenever I was down..  You are such an example to me of lifting those you have fallen and showing them Christlike love..  Dad, I  love you so much, thank you for raising me in righteousness..  Teaching me to walk in the light and showing me the way by how you lived..  You have firm faith, and are one of the most diligent hard working people I know..  I know your life is FAR from easy at times..  But thank you, for ALL the sacrifices you've made on my behalf..  My eyes are open more every day to how much you've gone through for ME..  How much you love me by all you've done for me..  I love you so much..  Thank you for being my example and hero..  Taylor.. I love you so very very much, and I don't tell you enough..  I cherish the memories of working with you at the REACH program..  Seeing your loving patience with kids who are struggling..  You have a big heart and one of the best hugs..  You are so kind patient and peaceful..  You are such an example to me..  I love you so much and know you will make an amazing mom someday!!!! You are such a hard worker, you will come so far with school and goals and go so far in life! Lauren, words can't describe how much you mean to me..  I love you SO much..  I know you're at a difficult time in life right now, and may feel alone at times, but please know I am ALWAYS there..  I'm grateful to be your sister..  You are such an example to me of giving your whole heart to your purpose and work in all you do..  You never leave a job half done..  That example has stuck with me here in missionary work..  You inspire me..  You will always be someone my soul is close to, no matter time and distance..  I want you all to know how much you mean to me..  How much I absolutely love you and pray for you every night..  I can feel my heart changing and feel the words of that song, "Love is spoken here'..  I know and feel my purpose as a missionary and can't help but share and spread that love, His love..  Lowell Snow of the Seventy spoke to us on Sunday and stated 'you don't prepare lessns [here], you prepare yourselves..  I feel more prepared every day..  I LOVE this work, and will do it more diligently that I may return with honor someday, knowing I lived worthy of all the blessings God has and will give me..  I don't have much time left to email, but the temple is closed now so we have longer p-days and more time to write letters..  I'm going to send a package home today, so Dillon look for it in the mail in a few days!!! :) Thank you all so much for writing me..  I LOVE hearing how you all are, how home is and what you are going through in life..  Please keep writing! It means the world to me! Oh! And Tell Brenda to Tell Andrew Hult that Elder Terry is in my Zone! They're good friends, and we both look up to Andrew.. ;) I've seen so many great familiar faces here, friends from high school and college, and even home..  Elder Lundberg is in the classroom next to mine, he is such an example to me..  Of someone who has overcome trials to be here and is truly Christlike..  I have so many great examples, here, and friends and loved ones at home..  I will keep working hard and give this work my ALL! Les amo mi querida familia (I love you my dear family)..  muchas gracias por todo!! Until next week, Hermana Jardine

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2010

Mi Querida Familia!

I love and miss you all so much! :) How has your week been? It's been an amazing week here at the MTC. Thank you SO much for your package and letters! :) I loved them! Especially the rock from and wood from St. George. I felt like I was right there at Pioneer Park with you! ;)
This week has been great! I LOVE our Zone and especially our district.  The oldest district in our zone left for their mission field this week! And we got a brand new district of 11 elders! Putting our zone at about 40 Elders and 5 Hermanas all learning spanish and heading across the states, central and south america! I love them all. :) Our Branch Presidency is great too! President Kreuger and his wife are so kind and loving.  I haven't met his counselor Brother Petersen yet because they've been out of town, but Brother Palmer and his wife are great! Their son served with Parker in Hong Kong, and he served in the same mission as you Dad! I love hearing the stories of Alaska and thinking of you. I would love to hear more about your mission!
The days here are great, we do everything as a zone.  The average missionaries schedule.  Our P-Day is Wednesdays where we have  a few hours to write letters and do laundry etc.  We also get to go to the temple (until it closes for July).  The rest of the days of the week are packed with Gym (very fun! Our zone has a huge game of volleyball! It's a blast!) meals, devotionals, meetings and plenty of study time! :) I LOVE it!!! And language study is my favorite! We've really learned how to push ourselves and it's been amazing! I can understand just about anything, but I've got a ways to go on speaking.  Practice is helping though! I had to give the prayer in spanish last sacrament meeting and somehow I did it! I am so grateful for the blessings Heavenly Father has given us.  We also had our first teaching appointment this week with mock investigators.  It was hard in spanish but somehow we did it!! :) I'm so glad I have this time at the MTC to practice and work hard to prepare myself for the field.  My time here is 1/4 of the way done today!! I can't believe it! I will miss it!!
So how was St. George? How is life at home without school? I love hearing about everything!!! :)
Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I am so grateful to be a part of your family.  I look up to you and love you so much! Thank you for teaching me and preparing me to be here.  I really admire you and how you do things.  Like I said before, everytime I'm struggling here, I think of how you'd act and it pushes me to work harder! I'd love to hear more of  your mission stories and advice! How is the new trainee coming? How's work? How are you? I hope you are having a good day.  Know I love you.
Mom! Thank you so much for your kind words and the package! :) We have a nice pantry of food now ;) It really means a lot!!!!! :) And thanks for the Nylons!!! They are my worst nightmare and one of the only things I dislike about all this! haha. But thanks for the good ones ;) How are you? How are all my other mothers? Let them know I love them!! I loved the letter from Steph, it meant so much to me! And tell Brenda and Joleen everyone asks about my stylish attire! ;) Thank them so much for me.  How is life at home? How are YOU? I love to hear anything and everything from you.  Thank you for writing.  I love you so much.
Lauren!!! How are you?! Thank you so much for your letter! :) How is life? How is Sacrament boy? Work? Everything! Please keep in touch! I love hearing from you!!! Dear Elder or handwritten letters are my favorites.  I'd love to hear how you are.  I love you. :)
Taylor!! How is Dental Assisting coming? The ACT? How was your birthday!!! I love you and hope you had an amazing day! I want to hear all about it!!!
Master Dillon!!!!!!! :) How is my little man?! I'm glad you got my letter! I loved your picture!!! I will mail you a letter every wednesday!!!! I love and miss you so much!! But know I love you and am always thinking of you.  I have a fun package for you I'll mail next week.  And I would LOVE to teach you some spanish!!!! te quiero means I love you!! And I do!!! Watch some Dora the explorer for me and keep being good! I love you!!!
Well, I don't have much time, but I'd like to share with you a little of the thing I learned most this week.  I found my new favorite hymn.  It's number 88- Placentero nos es trabajar, in the spanish hymn book, it doesn't exist in the english one.  I LOVE it.  It talks of serving in the Lord's vineyard and how the time is now! I LOVE it and it pushes me to work harder! In a devotional last night Elder Hallstrom talked about the scripture 1 Sam 17:48, where David RAN to conquer Goliath.  He could have been scared, he could have hesitated, but he knew the Lord was with him and would provide.  I know the same is true in our lives.  I know the Lord will guide me even though I have no idea what's ahead.  I know he will guide you in your struggles.  But we can't hesitate, we must run forward!!!! :)
You guys are in my prayers every night.  I love you so much and will work hard so I can see you again someday soon! I'll send some letters!! Please keep writing and know I love you so much.  I can't thank you enough for all you do for me. 
Estoy muy agradecido por ustedes, mi querida familia.
Les quiero,
Hermana Jardine

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mi quierida familia!,
Thank you for your kind words and support. :) It was harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye to you all.  I want you to know how much you truly mean to me.  I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful family and be sealed to such great friends for life!! :) I miss you so much and you are always on my mind but I am doing SO well and loving my time here. :)
They having a saying here, which you've probably heard, that the days pass like weeks and the weeks like days.  I am here to tell you that is TRUE! :) I've only been here a week, but SO much has changed! I'VE changed, and I've LEARNED so much! If my mission were to end today, I would be a different, better version of myself.  And I'm so grateful I have 18 months of more learning and growing experiences. 
I LOVE my companion and district!  It consists of me, my companion Hermana Werner (going to the San Diego spanish speaking mission and 10 Elders.  I've inherited 10 little brothers. :) Two are going to Dominican Republic, 6 are going to San Diego with my companion, and two are coming with me to New Mexico.  It's fun to see everyone's different personalities and backgrounds come together.  I've also never felt so respected in my life! haha. They treat us hermanas like gold! :) They stand everytime we come to sit down until we do, and take our trays at every meal.  They are great examples to me! I almost got pushed to a district leaving earlier but I'm so grateful to stay with these people that have come to mean so much to me so quickly! They feel like family. We've all helped each other so much.  
My companion is great. :) Haha, she's funny.  A little like a cactus I say ;) Prickly to the eye, but the prettiest flowers ;) haha. Cheesy I know. No, she's great. :) She's really quiet but when she feels comfortable she is hilariously blunt and sarcastic. :) She's not very warm and  fuzzy but I'm breaking her in ;) haha. I think I drive her crazy with hugs, 'I love you's' and yes, chin tickles. :)  haha. Pobre Hermana Werner.  She's from Provo and studied at BYU.  We played basketball against each other.  She's a Linguistics major and has studied Finnish, Russian, Mandarin and now Spanish.  I have a LOT to learn from her!!! :D
Our teacher is AMAZING! Hermana Rivera from Mexico.  She pushes us and it's helped so much! We learn only in spanish now, and are able to pray and bare testimony in spanish.  I'm so grateful for my love for the language and people.  It drives me to study harder on the hard days and to give my all to the work knowing what my purpose is.  I'm grateful to help share that image with those around me. 
Mom, YES the tights are killing me!!! :) haha. I am definitely your daughter ;) (Speaking of which, if you could send me some more, some black and tan thigh highs along with my basketball shorts that would be well appreciated! ;) Thank you so much for your letters though Mom, they mean the most to me.  I love hearing how you are and am so grateful your my mother. :) Thanks for being a good example to me.
Dad, I LOVE your letters.  I wish I had more time to tell you how much they mean to me.  Everywhere I turn here, it's neat to think you were here too.  I always wonder what you would have done, and it pushes me to work harder.  Like you said, it's been EXTREMELY humbling to me.  Especiall serving stateside.  But I have never known more than I do now that God lives and directs our paths.  I'm so grateful for this learning experience and for the opportunity to share what I've been given, what you and mom gave me.
Lauren!!!!!!! PLEASE write more.  I opened your letter the first night and cried! I LOVED it.  I have two more minutes or I'd write you a huge email telling you how much you mean to me.  I will write you a letter.
Taylor!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe how grown up you are!! Are you excited to be a senior? Excited for Dental assisting? Tell me all about it!
Dillon! Man I miss you little guy! Your letter is hanging in my room!!! I miss you so much, please write me all the time and tell me everything!!
Estoy agradecida por su, mi quierida famila.  Les amo.  Estoy agradecida por mi oportunidad de servio un mision.  Yo se que nos Salvador vive!  Y El nos ama.  Yo se que Jose Smith Restauro el evangelio.  Yo so que las familias son eternas y estoy agradecida ensenar este mensaje.  Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen.
I love you family.  Thank you for all you do.  I wish I had more time to write.  My p-day is Wednesdays so I will write again then! But PLEASE keep writing any and all the time you have time and something to say! I LOVE hearing from you! It gets me through the days! :)
I love you. 
I will work hard to make this time worth it and will see you soon enough. :) I wish I had more time!!! :D
You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers,
Hermana Jardine
P.S. My anticapated date to leave the MTC is August 2nd (I'm SO excited to still be here when Mandy gets here and spend time with her!!! :) 

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