Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saving Lives and Saving Souls

This week was so neat.  We were able to witness a baptism in the zone of a less active family Sister Good and I began teaching well over a year ago.  It was so incredible to see how strong they are.  He is such an example to me. 

I love my mission.  I love you all so much.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here.  We are working hard to do our best... and I will see you soon enough! :)

I wanted to share something with you this week...

This week we were asked to write a talk on 'Becoming a Disciple of Christ' for Elder Per Malm who is coming tomorrow.
I wanted to share mine with you. 

Luke 9:24 has become one of my favorite scriptures on the mission.

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. 

As we give our lives to him, he can make so much more out of them than we ever could hope to dream of.  The greatest joy in my life has come from turning my life over to him and beginning to become a disciple of Christ. 

As I thought of what it is to be a disciple of Christ, images of the paramedic program kept coming to mind and experiences I learned from them.  The incredible people I learned from, how it shaped my life... and how it was an exemplary situation of becoming a disciple of Christ. 

There are many similarities between saving lives, and saving souls. 
I would like to share ten that stood out to me.

#1- A manner of oath to help
I remember beginning the paramedic program and all the paperwork that went into it.  The many promises we had to make to protect patients.  In Mosiah 18 we read about the oath we took at baptism, to 'mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort'.  It is our oath to Heavenly Father... that if we truly love Him, we will help our brothers and sisters.

#2- Find the right desire
There are many reasons people enter into the field of emergency medicine.  However, adrenaline, pride and other sources of desire burn out quickly enough.  Charity is the only desire that replenishes itself and lifts the holder of it.  It is Heavenly Father's source... HIS desire.  So it needs to be with us as missionaries.  As people.  If we are in this for the wrong reason, however good it is, it WILL burn out.  If we are to wear the Savior's name and represent Him, we must see them as He does. 

#3 Leave your nets and follow Him
You must put this work first.  Going back to emergency medicine.... had you been doing something for your own enjoyment, and the ambulance tones went off announcing a call, would you ignore it? Would you silence it and put it to the side? NEVER.  If it is not that way in saving lives, why is it that way in the work of saving souls?  Physical death is temporary... spiritual can be permanent... these people need you.  They NEED you.  Please leave your nets and follow Him.

#4 How can you practice what you haven't studied
 How comfortable would you feel dialing 911 knowing the Paramedic you finds you has never read a text book? So it is with missionary work.  If you do not study, you will miss the precious knowledge of those who have gone before you.  They have kept careful note of the precious knowledge they've gained so that you can learn from it and bless these people.  Please... study it.  Soak it in.  Let it become a part of you, so that it can spill from you to those around you.

#5 You cannot merely study, you MUST act
I remember our teachers constantly drilling us with scenarios.  We ALWAYS had ATLEAST one a day.  Because it goes back to the truth that you must practice what you preach.  You cannot study about hearts and expect to save a life without knowing the BASICS of CPR.  You may have found out where Kolob is, but unless these people understand the path of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end... the precious truths YOU teach them... they will never get to it.  Training scenarios, or lesson plans and role plays, you must get the mistakes out in training so that when you practice them, you hurt neither yourself nor the patient.  If practice makes perfect, then lack of practice makes perfect IMPERFECT practice. 

#6 Be Prepared
After every call, in the down time, we restock the ambulances... preparing every needful thing so that we have it when the situation calls for it.  Hearing stories of paramedics who could have saved patients had their ambulances been stocked with proper medicine, or a charged AED always ate at me.  A life COULD have been saved, had they been prepared.  How many times in life have you felt prompted to give a Book of Mormon you didn't have, or give a pamphlet you left in the car.  Be prepared.  I challenge each of you and myself to always be ready, so that you will never live with the regret of what might have been. 

#7 Obedience
Just as obedience is the first law of heaven... I can't think of how many times I failed scenarios in the ambulance because I forgot the few obedient beginning steps of practice.  They come up before you ever touch a patient.  Before you get close to them.  Basic obedience is there to protect you and the patient.  Because without obedience, you CANNOT do the work you need to do.  Those who wrote the rules have gone before you.  They have learned from trial and error (their own and from those around them) and merely want to save you from the same heartache.  Why wade the past regrets of others? Listen to the heartfelt advice of those who've gone before you. 

#8 Work with your partner
You will NEVER find an ambulance with just one person.  At bare minimum there are two (a driver and a medical personnel).  This is a work that cannot be done by one person alone.  So it is with missionary work.  It is too much for just you or your companion.  You must work together to do it successfully.  Any two people can work to save a life if they have the same goal, if they do these ten things, there past differences subside and they are able to work together fluently.  It doesn't matter where your companion is from, how different your personalities are, you can be a miracle duo and bless each other! I think back to my training group of students.  We all had different weaknesses.  But as we were put together, we helped each other overcome them and eventually we became strong in all aspects. 

 #9 Follow the Spirit
First, you must be calm.  You must trust him.  In an ambulance, you ride up to scenes of chaos and you must turn them into something calm if the work is to be done.  You must trust the spirit in missionary work.  Know if you are prepared, you shall not fear.  Second, you must follow him to help these people.  To find the source of the problem.  You cannot be distracted by the cuts, you must use your instincts to find internal wounds bandages wont fix.  Find the source and you can help heal them.  You must always follow the spirit.

#10 This is an oath for life
The most beautiful thing about this work is that it is forever a part of you.  In Emergency Medicine, there is a 'Good Samaritan Law'.  You are expected to continue to help, respecting boundaries.  So it is with the precious call of a mission.  This work will not end.  Just as Elder Holland spoke on, this call, the call for discipleship is one for life.  You cannot go back.  You were never meant to.  Feed my sheep is a lifelong plea from the Savior. 
We must continue. 

Nearing the end of my mission, this is most comforting to me.  It will never end.  Though my days with a black nametag will end shortly, my days serving others will continue as long as I live.  This is MY lifelong call, the call to discipleship... I am ever humbled and honored by it.  I have never been involved in such fulfilling work. 
That joy awaits you.

Please heed your call.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

 I love you mi familia! :)
nos vemos tan pronto!

con amor,
Hermana Jardine

gomez and I enjoying our balcony! :)
Hiking Hueco tanks........ super awesome! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Know Why I Am Here

I know why I am here...
Both in the mission and in life.
And it is such a calm feeling. 

I know where I'm going...
both after this life, and after my mission.
And I am looking forward to home.  :) I know that there is still good ahead. 

I love the quote by Jeffrey R. Holland,

"Faith is for the future.  Faith builds on the past, but never longs to be there."

I know the future is good.  :) I am excited for it.  I will do my best to set good goals and follow my Heavenly Father... and enjoy every minute of it! :)
Both in the mission these last few weeks, and for my life there-after.

Mommy always tells me... but I know it.  :) LIFE IS GOOD!

Miracle of the week:

I know there is a reason I am here.
From serving here over the past months and year.... I have come to know and understand truly and exactly why I was called to serve here, in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.  I love it with all my heart.  I have met people that have changed my life... and it's scary to think how different my life would be had I served anywhere else.
This was my place. This IS my place.  And it forever will be my place.  It will always hold a special place in my heart. 
More specifically though... I have gained a testimony this week that THIS is my place, for my last few precious weeks.  There is a reason I am here.  And I am learning why.
Most incredible miracle of my mission:

As Sister Gomez and I pulled into our new 'home' in upper valley El Paso, we both felt overwhelmingly that there is a reason we are here, together.  We were reassured by President Miller's words reedifying it, and even our ward members and their encouragement.  They are SO happy to have sisters.  Our bishop has repeatedly told us he knows and feels there are so many good things ahead. We feel so blessed.  So many incredible people prayed us here. Some who knew they were praying, and some who didn't. 
The best birthday present I ever had:
Last week as I told you member of the bishopric's brother in law passed away.  He was shot and killed in Juarez.  We were asked to sing at the funeral.  It was chilling, and yet peaceful to help a family through the situation. 
And death can be like someone opening the door to outside.  Everyone still in the room misses the person that left... but they can feel the breeze from outside the door left... and it leaves them wondering where it came from.  
Damaris was one of those people.  
We went over on my birthday, the 5th, last week to help out the family as best we could and teach Yolanda, the aunt, who had begun taking the lessons.  
Damaris is 18 and she had been visiting from ohio.  She was very close to her cousin who was killed.  She is a very mature and strong girl.  And just plain innately GOOD.  
As we taught Yolanda about the Book of Mormon and the restoration, Damaris listened.  Intently.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and well and left them to read alma 40.
As we came back the next day to teach them the plan of salvation, Yolanda hadn't had a chance to read, but Damaris had.  WOW.  I have NEVER seen someone soak in so much truth so quickly.  The following day, we came back, and though Yolanda wasn't able to be there, Damaris was ready and waiting.  We spoke of baptism, and she was reassured. She wanted it so badly.  She had so many questions.  We finally knelt and she gave the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard.  Seeing her tears of comfort really changed me. 
I think this was the first time in my mission I ever truly understood the message we bring. 
To many we bring them their footing before they need it, before it's pulled out from under them through trials and they land on the gospel.  
For her..... it was the salve to an aching soul. 
I know her cousin Jairo, who just barely passed through the veil was her missionary.  Is her missionary.  Through his passing she has gained the gospel... and in a year the family is planning on doing his work as well. 
She recieved a strong answer, and if all goes well, she will be an official member of the church this Saturday.  She came to El Paso for a 2 and a half week vacation.... a visit for her cousin's funeral.  But she's going home with the gospel, equipped with the tools to make it to our real home.  And her branch in Ohio is excited to meet her.  :)
My birthday present this year was a loving reassurance from my Heavenly Father that miracles happen.  That He listens to our small prayers.  That good things DO happen to good people.... but often they come THROUGH trials.  He gave the the beautiful assurance that I AM making a difference... And that we ARE needed... here and now.

I love my mission.
Thank you President Miller for all both you and Sister Miller do. 
I will always love you both so so much!

And I'll keep workin hard these last few weeks! :) it's just the beginning! 

Missionary for life!
Sister Jardine

I love you so much familia of mine!
Can't wait to see you all soon!!!! :)
Keep soaking in the days and remember LIFE IS GOOD!


Juarez Mexico from our balcony... the gulley on is mexico, including the mountain... ja... don't worry mom... i was promised i'll be okay :) I'll see ya in a few weeks.

missionary feet! :) ja... and beautiful aftermath of summer tan-lines

Maggie and Zaira! :) one of our investigators... we shared a birthday party! :)

Momma Mora! :)

The Gonzales's gave us missionary build-a-bears for our birthdays!  SUPER CUTE! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 20, 2011

Mi familia!
How are you all?!
It's been an incredible week! I love the rollercoaster of a mission.  your lowest lows mean the highest highs are around the corner.  It's been a great week. 
I wanted to include some fun details of the week I normally don't.


My favorite foods ja.

WOW! I LOVE peruvian food! It is the absolute best ever! I got some good recipes and can't wait to cook some for you all! It's all fresh and incredible! MMMM! We have had a
lot of it this week and I have been in heaven!

I have also come to LOVE green chili, jalapenos and pozoli.  my favorite! I am gonna crave it at home. it'll be fun to cook.

Cool moment...

New Mexico Balloon Fest finding! ja :)
for district meeting this week... we came up with a new finding activity.  jaja.  we put pass-a-long cards in balloons, filled them with helium, and let them off.  jaja. :) it was really fun.  I hope someone comes across them someday soon when they need it the most! I attached a video

funny moments!... ja or awkward ones.
we have been biking a lot!

Our new car's temp license expired but the plates are lost in the mail. so we've had to park it.  WOW it is rough covering such a huge area on bikes.  it's been hard cause our numbers our down... it takes FOREVER to get ANYWHERE... but it's okay. the exercise and fresh air are good for me.  ja.  I had to get some biker shorts to put under my skirt though.  with the crazy wind... and sister missionary skirts... needless to say our first bike ride had a LOT of embarrassing moments. :) ja. 

We visited an LA member this week that just moved to the area.  A little girl let us in, said her mom was in the shower.  Other uncles and aunts etc kept passing through and saying hi as we were waiting on the couch.... but after an hour (literally) rolled by of playing barbies with the little girl waiting.... she went to another room.  we sat... awkwardly on the couch for another hour... ha.  finally we decided maybe it was super awkward and we should leave. that whoever this lady was... maybe she didn't feel comfortable talking to us. ja.  a little boy walked by, we asked him to ask her if some other time was better. 

only then did she come out apologizing like crazy! ja... she had TOTALLY misunderstood! jaja.  she had thought the little girl said something else, finished her shower and went to take a nap.  ja. 

very entertaining :) we all had a good laugh.

fav scripture of the week D&C 112:11...................... I was promised some time ago in a blessing to know how to reach the people we teach through studies.  I LOVE studying... but I never know if it is truly what these people need. one night, I got home from a tired long hard day and opened my scriptures and found this verse.  I loved it so so much.  It felt like he was talking to me. 

The next day, as we visited a sweet lady.  She expressed how hard things are with family right now.  Siblings fighting over deceased inheritances... her brothers becoming her enemies... how sad it made her.  After talking with her and consoling her... this verse came to my mind again. 

after she read it, we were all crying.
I have never felt the power of the scriptures more strongly.  I love them so very much.

and my favorite part of the week. 

Yesterday we went to the temple.  I felt so uplifted by the session... the people... answers to prayers. I felt the day couldn't get any better.  As we left the celestial room, a sweet temple worker called out to us.  she turned around and asked if we'd like to sit with her a minute in the sealing room.  I have truly never felt such peace.  Sitting there, knowing I can be with you all FOREVER... because of our faithful parents and covenants made there years ago gave me such peace. 

I love you all SO much! I also feel such peace about my future family. I know they are near... I can feel them closer each day and can't wait to meet them soon.  I will work hard to be the wife and mother they deserve.

I love my mission. Every minute.  The dark ones make the brighter ones clearer.  Just like it says in Preach my Gospel.  The darker the velvet on which it's placed, the better you can see the diamond, and how clear it shines... how bright it is... how much it is worth.

I am so grateful for the dark moments... and for the precious bright ones. I have loved every minute of this experience and will soak in the last transfer!!!!

Transfer news on saturday. 

I attatched my email to president...
I love you all SO SO MUCH!
I hope you have an incredible week and hope to hear from you all soon!
have a good week!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Sunrise

So I'm now serving with Sister Batchkoff and she is AMAZING! I love her so much.  She is like a long lost friend.  She has helped me more than I can say. 

The biggest lesson I have learned this week is to relax.  Find joy in everyday. 
“Life is not meant to be endured, but enjoyed” –President Hinckley. 

Sister Batchkoff has been so very good for me.  Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong this week.  We ran out of gas on Sunday.  Our phone got wet on Saturday and was ruined… making it hard to call ANYONE.  Hard news in emails.  I had strep throat for a bit.  Ja.  It was just a long week.  But with everything that came up, she has helped me to be calm.  To laugh at those moments when everything goes wrong and you know Satan is fighting against the good… and soak in the simple good things of life. 

through the dark clouds of satan's efforts, we can remember the sun is always behind them, and always strong enough to overcome them.

Just like Dad said in his email,we all need to remember to be kind. 

We need to be at peace.  To love more and stress less.  I think that is so key and important.  And more than anything, to remember the good we are doing. 
Something really stood out to me this week. 
If there truly is opposition in all things, and satan thinks the absolute worst of us, then Heavenly Father thinks the absolute best of us.  We must not feel weighed down or be overwhelmed by all our faults, our human nature, or all the good left undone.
We must see ourselves through God’s eyes, or we will forever judge ourselves through Satan’s.  If we see ourselves through Satan’s eyes, we will reach the potential HE sees in us, which is little to none.  We will blind our eyes to the good we have done if we let satan steal our eyes.

 I personally do not believe Heavenly Father ever cuts us down, is angry with us, Satan does enough of that. 

He does not look at ANY of us and think we are ugly, or worthless.  Satan does enough of that.  He sees the absolute best in us. 

See it in yourself.

Stop seeing the worst in yourself, because YOUR Heavenly Father sees the best.  You TOO are His child.  He asks us to love one another as ourselves.  It starts in our own head.  It makes it much more difficult to see the best in others when we are internally beating ourselves.  We cannot have true charity unless we love ourselves and can see the good we are doing. 

I want you to know that I love you all.  It is so easy to see how each of you are trying your very best to do and be all you can. 

I can't wait to hug you all.

See the best in yourself this week.

I love you,
Sister Jardine

Me and Sister Batchkoff

Eating healthy and learning how to cook! :) We made our first pozoli and it was SO good! :)

I love the skies here . . . . and a concept I need to remember

Monday, July 11, 2011

cuantas bendiciones

Mi familia!

Como estan!

Wow. This week has been the craziest of my mission.   But it’s been good.  It’s been strange having those around us leave and now covering a whole stake.  It’s taken some adjustment… but I feel closer to the Savior than ever before.   I know He is near.  And he has great things ahead in these last few months here and in life every after.

We really dug out this week.  I have never felt the spirit so close… so constantly.  I have slept better and been so much happier and more content.

We really cleaned our apartment for the first time in probably more than a few years.  It really helped our repore with the members we live with. And it helped us so much too. A clean fresh start.
We cleaned up the area books and have spent a lot of time in counsel with our Branch President and ward mission leader this week trying to decide where to begin.  President Miller has helped so much as well.  I feel so good about it.  It’s overwhelming covering the whole stake… but it’s really opened my eyes and made me step up to the potential I know Heavenly Father expects in me. 

We have found so many neat people this week. 

It has been neat to feel the spirit strongly confirm the people we need to focus on this transfer.  And they are finally starting to progress. 

Miracle for the week:

For the first time in my life, I was able to teach a random stranger about the gospel and have them progress and listen. 

I know Heavenly Father guides our lives and has a purpose for everything.

He is one of our investigators friends and has strong roots in his Christian beliefs.  He was in the car with one of the other friends as she came to argue with us for teaching our investigator.  As our investigator was calming her down… I decided to be christlike and let them know we love them and are not here to argue nor compete.  I asked him for his name… and small talked a few minutes.  He still wouldn’t turn his head or look me in the eye.  When he said where he was from, the ice broke.

As I expressed a deep love for his people, everything changed. 
We spent a few minutes talking about the beautiful things of the culture… the people… the language…

The ice melted away.  He’s old enough to be my dad, but he truly is my spirit brother.
He was able to comfortably ask more about the church and we discussed each others beliefs. 
Listening and love changed everything with him. 

Before we left… I talked with him about the book of Mormon… and how it IS the reason I have such a love for his people… in so many ways.  He accepted a copy and seemed intrigued.  He loves the scriptures so much and is always teaching me more incredible things about the bible. 

And he is finally reading the book of Mormon.

I don’t know when… but I know he will come.
That was the first time I have ever played the first part… that first step… and I feel so honored.
I know Heavenly Father has guided my life. 

I can’t believe how many was Guatemala has opened doors for the Lord’s work on my mission. 
He truly has the big picture.

How many blessings I would be deprived of if I had never come. 

I will be eternally grateful for everything that led me here. 

Alberto Marves… cuando tu leas esta carta… quiero que digas a mi tia de Guatemala que sin ella, yo no iba servido una mision.  Seeing the youth of Guatemala… and the spreading forth and blessings of the gospel many years after she and my aunt Amy Jardine (Knight) had served changed me. 
Seeing so many great examples.

It’s been the strongest prompting in my life and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be here. 
The experiences memories and friendships I have gained here will be with me forever. 

I love the Lord.
I love my mission.
I LOVE the book of Mormon and the many lives it has changed.
I love YOU all.
Big hugs.

Sister Jardine

Sister Missionary hang out. :) ja.. all of us today for p-day before we came to email. 
branch baby shower w- our wml's wife and investigators
diaper eating taste test...gag
Father son and Mother pic ja. :)
New skies. New Chapters... change is hard but it's how we grow. :)