Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 20, 2011

Mi familia!
How are you all?!
It's been an incredible week! I love the rollercoaster of a mission.  your lowest lows mean the highest highs are around the corner.  It's been a great week. 
I wanted to include some fun details of the week I normally don't.


My favorite foods ja.

WOW! I LOVE peruvian food! It is the absolute best ever! I got some good recipes and can't wait to cook some for you all! It's all fresh and incredible! MMMM! We have had a
lot of it this week and I have been in heaven!

I have also come to LOVE green chili, jalapenos and pozoli.  my favorite! I am gonna crave it at home. it'll be fun to cook.

Cool moment...

New Mexico Balloon Fest finding! ja :)
for district meeting this week... we came up with a new finding activity.  jaja.  we put pass-a-long cards in balloons, filled them with helium, and let them off.  jaja. :) it was really fun.  I hope someone comes across them someday soon when they need it the most! I attached a video

funny moments!... ja or awkward ones.
we have been biking a lot!

Our new car's temp license expired but the plates are lost in the mail. so we've had to park it.  WOW it is rough covering such a huge area on bikes.  it's been hard cause our numbers our down... it takes FOREVER to get ANYWHERE... but it's okay. the exercise and fresh air are good for me.  ja.  I had to get some biker shorts to put under my skirt though.  with the crazy wind... and sister missionary skirts... needless to say our first bike ride had a LOT of embarrassing moments. :) ja. 

We visited an LA member this week that just moved to the area.  A little girl let us in, said her mom was in the shower.  Other uncles and aunts etc kept passing through and saying hi as we were waiting on the couch.... but after an hour (literally) rolled by of playing barbies with the little girl waiting.... she went to another room.  we sat... awkwardly on the couch for another hour... ha.  finally we decided maybe it was super awkward and we should leave. that whoever this lady was... maybe she didn't feel comfortable talking to us. ja.  a little boy walked by, we asked him to ask her if some other time was better. 

only then did she come out apologizing like crazy! ja... she had TOTALLY misunderstood! jaja.  she had thought the little girl said something else, finished her shower and went to take a nap.  ja. 

very entertaining :) we all had a good laugh.

fav scripture of the week D&C 112:11...................... I was promised some time ago in a blessing to know how to reach the people we teach through studies.  I LOVE studying... but I never know if it is truly what these people need. one night, I got home from a tired long hard day and opened my scriptures and found this verse.  I loved it so so much.  It felt like he was talking to me. 

The next day, as we visited a sweet lady.  She expressed how hard things are with family right now.  Siblings fighting over deceased inheritances... her brothers becoming her enemies... how sad it made her.  After talking with her and consoling her... this verse came to my mind again. 

after she read it, we were all crying.
I have never felt the power of the scriptures more strongly.  I love them so very much.

and my favorite part of the week. 

Yesterday we went to the temple.  I felt so uplifted by the session... the people... answers to prayers. I felt the day couldn't get any better.  As we left the celestial room, a sweet temple worker called out to us.  she turned around and asked if we'd like to sit with her a minute in the sealing room.  I have truly never felt such peace.  Sitting there, knowing I can be with you all FOREVER... because of our faithful parents and covenants made there years ago gave me such peace. 

I love you all SO much! I also feel such peace about my future family. I know they are near... I can feel them closer each day and can't wait to meet them soon.  I will work hard to be the wife and mother they deserve.

I love my mission. Every minute.  The dark ones make the brighter ones clearer.  Just like it says in Preach my Gospel.  The darker the velvet on which it's placed, the better you can see the diamond, and how clear it shines... how bright it is... how much it is worth.

I am so grateful for the dark moments... and for the precious bright ones. I have loved every minute of this experience and will soak in the last transfer!!!!

Transfer news on saturday. 

I attatched my email to president...
I love you all SO SO MUCH!
I hope you have an incredible week and hope to hear from you all soon!
have a good week!


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