Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buenas familia!

Como estan? It's so good to hear from you and hear things are going well!! Dad I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hang in there and take care of yourself! Mom thank you for being strong and loving while going through so much! Renny you're in COLLEGE!!! I can't believe it! :) I'm so proud of my baby sis! Have fun and ENJOY it! I'm so proud of you!! All the people here are so jealous of your beautiful blonde locks!! :) Every time I show them a picture they gasp! Tay I can't believe you are a SENIOR!! You are so grown up!!!
How does it feel?! You are so gorgeous and talented! I'm so glad you're liking dental assisting and doing so good!! How's REACH? Dillbob!! How's my little man?! You excited to get back to school? Are you starting the REACH program? You'll have so much fun! How is it havin Kyle so close!? I bet you love it!! :) How was your week!! Write me a letter bud! I miss you!! :) Thanks for all the bracelets too!! The little hispanic girls here LOVE them!! You better be careful or you'll have lots of girlfriends when you grow up! ;)
This week has been kind of scarier with Juarez but they're keeping it under control.  I always feel safe and know that if we be smart and 100 percent obedient we'll be fine. :) This is Heavenly Father's work and it will go forth. I feel honored to be working in this area.  THIS field IS white and ready to harvest! There is so much work to be done every day we hardly know where to start!! I love it here!! (Dad I would love to hear more about the history of this area if you ever get time.  It's something I've been thinking about a lot. )
This week was ABSOLUTELY incredible!! I can't even believe it! It was full of so many miracles!! We've been in a training conference for the mission all week in different areas like las cruces and downtown el paso.  Normally it would only be for the zone leaders and district leaders, but as Hermana Good was pink washing and training she was able to come.  And since there are no other sisters down here for me to be with, I got to come. It was incredible!! :) I LOVE all our elders and my mission president! It was great!!! We had little time at the end of everyday to actually hold appointments but when we did and applied what we learned it worked miracles!!! We found four investigators in four hours!! We're meeting with them again tonight. I can't wait to see the work progress.  This week we're going to hit it hard and give it our all. I know so many good things are going to come.
Our goal has been rebuilding the relationship with the missionaries and wards as apposed to how it was left.  And re-activating and strengthening all those who were members but have fallen away.  Wow. What an absolute miracle.  Yesterday EVERY single family we've been working with was at church. ALL of them. All it took was mostrando un poco de amor. I want to talk of one family in particular.  The McDermeds. I love them with all my heart.  Sister McDermed grew up in Juarez and was a strong member of the church with her husband.  Last year she was diagnosed with cancer, and they've been fighting, but she's almost gone.  Their family's taken a hard blow from it.  Her daughter is married with three kids, but between trying to be home to help, both of them losing their jobs, they were at their ropes end, and church wasn't a priority.  We've been going over lots, to try to strengthen them and show them we're thinking of them.  Brother McDermed has wanted us to meet her so bad, but she's always asleep, and just about gone.  You can tell his heart is breaking for his family.  And he's worn out.  The other night, relatively late after dark, we both felt we just needed to visit them.  We went over to Kristian (their 11 year old daughter) in the living room folding clothes and could hear arguing, two crying little ones (2 and a new born) and Sister McDermed moaning with pain. They were all at their ropes end. Finances were gone, as was composure.  We talked with Kristian, helped her and prayed with her.  That innocent prayer from an 11 year old broke and changed my heart.  I love her so much. We all just hugged and cried on the floor, knowing it would be okay.  And it is! God provides.  We came back the next day to help clean and do what we could.  The family felt strengthened though the situation hadn't changed much.  Sister McDermed was actually awake! We were able to sing her favorite hymns for her and feel the love and spirit in that room. And for the first time in a LONG time, they ALL came to church! They told us today that Sunday night they went home and decided it had been too long, and for the first time in a long time were able to study and pray together as a family.  Even though the situation was the same, THEY changed.  THEY moved closer to God and he blessed them.  Today they were miraculously blessed with finances and support from those around them. There is so much peace and love in that home.
WE bring it. God keeps it. Ether 12:6 tells us it is AFTER the trial of our faith that the blessings come.  We are pushed to our limits to learn! But Heavenly Father won't leave you stranded.  Turn to Him and I KNOW he will embrace you with open arms with whatever you are facing.  But YOU must turn to Him.  I pray you will.  So many blessings are in store for you. :) When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! :) I'm praying for you.
I love you all so much, with all my heart. Thank you for all your love and support.  Most of all for helping, loving and lifting one another. Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  You are constantly in my prayers, and though I wish I could be with you.  I KNOW this is where God wants me to be.  With all my heart.  I feel it EVERY second of EVERY day.  I'm supposed to be here. I love this land. I love these people.  I love this gospel, and being able to see it change others lives.  Most of all I'm honored to be that tool to bring so much happiness to others lives.  Thank you for helping me get here.  For being examples for me. I love you. I love my Savior. I know this work is His.  I KNOW He lives. I know He loves me.  I know there is good to be found by His hand in every day.
Find it.
I love you,
Hermana Jardine

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tongue... bones... and peppers

Hola familia!
How has your week been!! I didn't have much time to read your emails but I took pictures of them to read throughout the week! Dad, I hope you are feeling better!! I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital! Not a fun experience. Hang in there! I'm thinking of you.  School starts soon doesn't it?! I'm excited for you all!!! Dillon's a big kid at Greenville! I can't believe it!!! Are you excited bud!? I'm sorry I've been behind on letters, we've spent a our p-days mostly cleaning our apartment.  But I will send one to you today and do lots better this week! Lauren are you ready to start college!? Utah state will be so fun for you!!! :) You will do so great!!! Hang in there and take a breather and enjoy the journey too! :) The end of the road isn't as worth it unless you enjoy walking the path.  Taylor how are you! Thank you both for your emails.  I miss you all more than anything!! You excited to be a Senior!! LIVE IT UP!!!! You only get to be a Senior once, make as many memories as you can!!!
Well this week has been AWESOME!!! To start off, as for weird things I've eaten this week, I've added tongue, some soup full of bones and mystery meat, and my first serrano and jalapenos.  HOT!!!! Holy cow is my mouth having to adjust to it.  Haha, they all laugh at me because something normal for them is BURNING for me, I've never drank more water in my life haha. :) But I love it. Someday I'll no longer be a gringa! ;)  They do say the peppers help with the spanish. ;)
I cannot believe the people here. I love them so much!! They are so absolutely humble and loving.  Those who have absolutely nothing are those most willing to give.  So many have opened their doors to us and fed us when they hardly have enough for their family.  I feel guilty sometimes.  I love these people so much.  I'm so glad they will be close enough to visit often even after I get home.
We are finally organized, clean, and hitting the pavement! :) Mom thank you for the package of supplies!!! It was greatly appreciated.  I had to use some funds to get our apartment there, but we are FINALLY clean and livable :) haha. We have been working hard this week and have atleast contacted every name on our lists from the bishops (our english branch was made a ward!), ward members and the stacks of referrals found in our apartment.  We have come to truly love and know our wards, brought many back to church and are now starting to do more tracting.  Or area isn't extremely big and we're hoping if we get to stay here long enough we can tract every street.  I absolutely love it here!! And I love this work!!
It's been coming along so well!!! We have two companionships of Elders in our district and last week between each of them 4 people were baptized and we were able to help with! It was so great!!! I love this work!!!
We've had so many miracles this week I can't even think of which one to write about.  The work is coming along and half the time it comes to us! For instance, this week we've been working a lot with the landlord and maintenance workers to clean our apartment.  One of which, Armando (50's) has been there to help with every need we have had and some we didn't notice.  He is so kind and helpful and patient with my Spanish.  He is respectful in all he does and took the time to learn our names.  From being in our apartment he knows who we are and what we do.  He is a Jehovah's Witness but he has never been pushy or aggressive.  The other day as we were leaving and he was spraying for cockroaches, I was thanking him for all he did before we left when he surprised me by asking for a Book of Mormon.  I was so surprised and immediately got one for him.  We were able to talk about it for a few minutes and then we had to leave for an appointment.  We talked to him today again and he's been reading it.  He is one of the best people I know and is so kind and giving to all those around him.  I'm praying for him.
Another experience this week, as we were pulling into the church parking lot for district meeting, the Elders were parked and out talking to a man in the parking lot.  They referred him to us, since he's in our area and we set up an appointment before he left.  After he did, they explained to us the situation.  This man found the church on his own and asked for the missionaries to visit him. We're excited to meet them.
The field is white and ready to harvest.  I know that is true.  Every day we face so much rejection, but when you find those that are ready, they are READY.  And I have absolute faith that even those who aren't ready, with enough time patience and love will come around. I have met so many absolutely incredible people.  I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.
Keep strengthening those around you and treating others as the Savior would.
I KNOW this church is true.  I am honored to be a part of this great work! I know I have the power to do so much more and I'm so grateful for the time to do so.
I love you all so much.
Be strong and remember who you are, who loves you.

Les quiero,
Hermana Jardine

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hola mi Querida Familia!
 I'm here, I'm Safe and I LOVE it! :) First off, let me apologize, my english is getting sloppy! I'm in that wierd transition where I can't quite speak spanish but I can't speak enligh anymore, jaja.
We flew in and spent a night at the mission home in Albuquerque and got to see the temple.  I love President and Sister Miller! They are great people!!! :) Then Tuesday morning was transfers!! I met my trainer, Sister Good from Idaho Falls.  She lives up to her name! :) I love her so much.  I'm her first non-native spanish companion and she is a pro! :) She's hilarious and we love laughing and having adventures but know how to work. I love her. :) We were assigned to 'Pinkwash' (Which means they are sending sisters into a former 'Elder' area.  And we are both being transferred to a new area together.  Sister Good came from Colorado and Santa Fe.) in Socorro Texas and loaded up our gear to head south, about 5 hours south of Albuquerque, just south of El Paso, Texas.
Lets just say pinkwashing was fun. :) I have NEVER been more grossed out by an apartment. Imagine the worse and you have it. :) But we've loved the adventure. Piles of dirty dishes, laundry and mystery items.  Tarantulas, cochroaches and frogs, all dead AND alive.  Mold.... you name it. :) Ha. It's been fun turning it around! :)

We live in a little city called Horizon City and we LOVE IT! :) Wow it is another world down here! We are DEFINATELY the minority.  EVERYONE speaks spanish.  The other day when we were in walmart I counted ONE caucasion other than us and it was packed! It's helped with spanish so much! We think, eat and breathe spanish! The street signs, billboards and EVERYTHING are in spanish.  I'll attatch some pictures. I feel like I'm back in Guatemala. I love it! :)
We are literally minutes away from the border.  I see the city lights of Juarez, Mexico out my bedroom window every night.  One day we got lost and almost ended up in Mexico jaja. :)
We cover an English branch, the "Socorro" branch (which is mostly a hispanic bilingual group) and a Spanish ward, the "Mission Trail Ward".  I love the wards already! Everyone is so close and kind.
When we got here, our area book was empty, and similar to our apartment. We had piles of referrals given by the church untouched from previous missionaries, investigators lost, and converts that have gone inactive.
We started organizing and working with the Bishops in our wards to turn things around.  Our first goal was to get to know ward members and strengthen the unity.  And to bring back those who have gone inactive.  I have never seen so many miracles work so quickly.  We spent all last week visiting families and contacting referrals.  This sunday, almost all of our inactive friends came to church. And we love and know our wards already.  And they have given us so many referrals! There is too much work and not enough time in the day!!! I love it! How incredible! I'm so excited and honored to be part of this work. I'll tell you a quick story.
The other day we contacted the the Mora family and were trying to get them to come to church. They were amazing people and such a strength to us! Immediately after we said the closing prayer, Sister Mora gave us the name of her neighbor to contact.  With no more information than she used to be friendly and isn't anymore, that she's probably going through a hard time.
We went to her trailer immediately after and were amazed at what we found.  Belen German was a former strong member.  But she's been gone so long she wasn't even on any records we have.  Her daughter Brenda split up with her husband in California and came to live with her mom bringing her two little boys. At first they seemed busy, but we showed them genuine love and concern and I'm amazed at how things changed. They were tired, stressed, and told us more of the problems in their lives, including other children gone astray, issues in Juarez (SCARY city).  You could feel their hearts aching.  The spirit was so strong as we testified of the gospel.  I was as bold as I have ever been and wanted with every bit of my heart to help them.  I helped calm the three year old and talked with him about the gospel and the atmosphere changed.  They want to do and be better. They just stressed.  I know with every inch of my soul that the gospel can change us from the inside out. It can help us with every problem we face!!! I am amazed at how it changed them in one night. I invited them to come to church.  And they commited, and in turn invited US over for dinner.  I have never felt the spirit so strong, nor fallen in love with people instantly, in a little third world trailer on the border of Mexico.
I love this work.  With all my heart I know this is where Heavenly Father wants me to be.  I will work hard and give it my whole heart.
I am excited to see the progress we can make.
I love you all so much and you are in my prayers every night.
Please be strong, thank you for your letters.  Nothing means more to me than that.

les quiero,
Hermana Jardine

Goodbye MTC!!