Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buenas familia!

Como estan? It's so good to hear from you and hear things are going well!! Dad I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hang in there and take care of yourself! Mom thank you for being strong and loving while going through so much! Renny you're in COLLEGE!!! I can't believe it! :) I'm so proud of my baby sis! Have fun and ENJOY it! I'm so proud of you!! All the people here are so jealous of your beautiful blonde locks!! :) Every time I show them a picture they gasp! Tay I can't believe you are a SENIOR!! You are so grown up!!!
How does it feel?! You are so gorgeous and talented! I'm so glad you're liking dental assisting and doing so good!! How's REACH? Dillbob!! How's my little man?! You excited to get back to school? Are you starting the REACH program? You'll have so much fun! How is it havin Kyle so close!? I bet you love it!! :) How was your week!! Write me a letter bud! I miss you!! :) Thanks for all the bracelets too!! The little hispanic girls here LOVE them!! You better be careful or you'll have lots of girlfriends when you grow up! ;)
This week has been kind of scarier with Juarez but they're keeping it under control.  I always feel safe and know that if we be smart and 100 percent obedient we'll be fine. :) This is Heavenly Father's work and it will go forth. I feel honored to be working in this area.  THIS field IS white and ready to harvest! There is so much work to be done every day we hardly know where to start!! I love it here!! (Dad I would love to hear more about the history of this area if you ever get time.  It's something I've been thinking about a lot. )
This week was ABSOLUTELY incredible!! I can't even believe it! It was full of so many miracles!! We've been in a training conference for the mission all week in different areas like las cruces and downtown el paso.  Normally it would only be for the zone leaders and district leaders, but as Hermana Good was pink washing and training she was able to come.  And since there are no other sisters down here for me to be with, I got to come. It was incredible!! :) I LOVE all our elders and my mission president! It was great!!! We had little time at the end of everyday to actually hold appointments but when we did and applied what we learned it worked miracles!!! We found four investigators in four hours!! We're meeting with them again tonight. I can't wait to see the work progress.  This week we're going to hit it hard and give it our all. I know so many good things are going to come.
Our goal has been rebuilding the relationship with the missionaries and wards as apposed to how it was left.  And re-activating and strengthening all those who were members but have fallen away.  Wow. What an absolute miracle.  Yesterday EVERY single family we've been working with was at church. ALL of them. All it took was mostrando un poco de amor. I want to talk of one family in particular.  The McDermeds. I love them with all my heart.  Sister McDermed grew up in Juarez and was a strong member of the church with her husband.  Last year she was diagnosed with cancer, and they've been fighting, but she's almost gone.  Their family's taken a hard blow from it.  Her daughter is married with three kids, but between trying to be home to help, both of them losing their jobs, they were at their ropes end, and church wasn't a priority.  We've been going over lots, to try to strengthen them and show them we're thinking of them.  Brother McDermed has wanted us to meet her so bad, but she's always asleep, and just about gone.  You can tell his heart is breaking for his family.  And he's worn out.  The other night, relatively late after dark, we both felt we just needed to visit them.  We went over to Kristian (their 11 year old daughter) in the living room folding clothes and could hear arguing, two crying little ones (2 and a new born) and Sister McDermed moaning with pain. They were all at their ropes end. Finances were gone, as was composure.  We talked with Kristian, helped her and prayed with her.  That innocent prayer from an 11 year old broke and changed my heart.  I love her so much. We all just hugged and cried on the floor, knowing it would be okay.  And it is! God provides.  We came back the next day to help clean and do what we could.  The family felt strengthened though the situation hadn't changed much.  Sister McDermed was actually awake! We were able to sing her favorite hymns for her and feel the love and spirit in that room. And for the first time in a LONG time, they ALL came to church! They told us today that Sunday night they went home and decided it had been too long, and for the first time in a long time were able to study and pray together as a family.  Even though the situation was the same, THEY changed.  THEY moved closer to God and he blessed them.  Today they were miraculously blessed with finances and support from those around them. There is so much peace and love in that home.
WE bring it. God keeps it. Ether 12:6 tells us it is AFTER the trial of our faith that the blessings come.  We are pushed to our limits to learn! But Heavenly Father won't leave you stranded.  Turn to Him and I KNOW he will embrace you with open arms with whatever you are facing.  But YOU must turn to Him.  I pray you will.  So many blessings are in store for you. :) When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! :) I'm praying for you.
I love you all so much, with all my heart. Thank you for all your love and support.  Most of all for helping, loving and lifting one another. Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  You are constantly in my prayers, and though I wish I could be with you.  I KNOW this is where God wants me to be.  With all my heart.  I feel it EVERY second of EVERY day.  I'm supposed to be here. I love this land. I love these people.  I love this gospel, and being able to see it change others lives.  Most of all I'm honored to be that tool to bring so much happiness to others lives.  Thank you for helping me get here.  For being examples for me. I love you. I love my Savior. I know this work is His.  I KNOW He lives. I know He loves me.  I know there is good to be found by His hand in every day.
Find it.
I love you,
Hermana Jardine

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