Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mi familia,

> I love you all so much.

> I'm so sorry we're emailing so late. Because of the holiday and

> transfers and lots of crazy experiences we're a few days late!

> This week has been incredible. Hard and SOOOO much progress.

> This field has been cultivated and cared for so long that now we're

> hardly able to keep up with the progress. We have so many now working

> towards baptism and more everyday. I am absolutely amazed. I am so

> grateful to be here another transfer and help these incredible people.

> They have become my own and I love them so very much.

> I feel like we've finally got a hand on the work.. Sister Perez and I

> work so well together and are so good at rolling with the punches. We

> put our heart and soul into it, and are doing so good. We're teaching

> an english class a few nights a week and playing soccer as a finding

> activity. We're also helping with family history. I can't believe

> the changes this area has been making.


> Even through the rough dry times we've had faith, we've known there is

> good ahead and we've worked for it. I've come to gain a strong

> testimony of "Miracles coming after the trial of our faith". Our

> faith has been tried and now I can't believe the miracles.


> On monday we recieved a text message from the referral system giving

> us a name referred from the website for us. After much opposition we

> were finally able to give him a call. Miguel Angel. Incredible man.

> He's dad's age and has children our age, though all in Mexico. Just

> talking to him on the phone, I have never heard someone so ready. He

> was so humble.... he'd been waiting. He'd given the church a thought

> a time or two but he has come to truly believe it for himself and

> wants to change his life. I truly have never met someone quite like

> him. These people are examples to me.

> He lives in a trailer with quite a few other broken sweet people

> trying to make a living. Including a sweet handicapped young man

> about our age, Luis. Just seeing how they are with him, feeding him

> and taking care of him, really humbled me. They are absolutely

> incredible people. And it seems all his friends are also so eager to

> learn. They've come to the english classes as well and we can hardly

> keep up with it all!


> We've also been working a lot with Nery & Amariris's family. (They

> have a few kids here in the states, all grown up, the youngest is 16)

> They are SO CLOSE!!!!! And we've seen miracles with their children. I

> absolutely cannot believe the change in that family. From hurt,

> dissinterested and fighting to stay together. To warm, loving,

> cultivating unity and craving the gospel. We hardly have enough time.

> We've started teaching each of them individually which has been

> incredible!!! They've been craving the gospel so for so long.


> Last night we taught one of their Daughters Estrella, and gave her her

> own book of Mormon. She is such a sweetheart. She's 18 and

> beautiful! But she has such a good head on her shoulders! We had the

> most incredible conversation about prayer, and it was incredible to

> see her understanding and love for the gospel. She is so ready.

> I have never seen anyone so ready.


> It's truly opened my eyes that all situations in life are like Santa

> Fe. We can easily find the hardships, trials, and darkness. It's

> hard not to be overwhelmed by it. But I know Satan only puts that in

> front of us when there is something so incredible ahead he doesn't

> want us to see or get to. Working hard and having faith, trusting our

> Heavenly Father in the good here has turned my heart and soul around

> and taught me so very much. This is his work and he will never allow

> it to fail. When we strive to see things through his eyes, we cannot

> comprehend nor handle the joy.

> There truly aren't words.

> I love Santa Fe.

> I love you all so much.

> Don't let the mists of Darkness discourage you, for they are only

> there to try to keep us from seeing the trees of life.


> If there wasn't good ahead, Satan wouldn't try.


> Never give him the upperhand.


> You are all so incredibly strong and I am honored to call you my family.


> I love you and pray for you constantly.


> Your baby girl,


> Hermana Lindsay Jardine

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