Sunday, September 26, 2010

 My dear family,
Once again, my heart goes out to you this morning. I want you to know how much I love you, pray for you and am HERE for you during this hard time. I know these days will be hard, but they will change our lives. For better or worse.  Please seek for better. I love you.
Yesterday we had the incredible opportunity to all attend a session at the Albuquerque temple. It was quite the trek, but it strengthened me more than I can say.
Go to the temple.   Whether you can go in, or sit on the grounds.  Seek peace there. It reminds us of the big picture and will bring you peace.
Go to the temple.
Sister Good's been having a hard time with some things and because of how things have been, President Miller asked to give the both of us a blessing while there. I love him and Sister Miller so much.  I can't tell you what a strength they've been.  That blessing calmed my heart. Being in the temple, hearing those words.  I pray for you to find the same answer for yourself: it WILL all be okay. I know it. In the blessing he stated this time will SANCTIFY (look up sanctify) our family.  Cleanse, refine and unify us. I know that that is true.  I have never respected nor loved each of you more than I do know for going through all of this.  You are so strong, being so unified and selfless in helping one another.  It's changing each of you. Whether you see it or not, in each of your letters I can see it.  You are stronger better people. 
On the way home in the car we watched the Emma Smith movie.  I cannot tell you how much I learned from it.  About enduring and enduring well the trials that beset us.  How much she went through. How much she lost.  And how strong she was. 
One message I got from it was a line she stated. 
Sometimes fear screams so loudly it almost drowns out our faith. That is life.  It is incredibly incomprehensibly hard sometimes, but I plead with you to lose the fear and keep the faith.  Strength isn't something we have, it's something we choose.  Choose to be strong.  You already have been.  I am so proud of you.  And no matter WHAT happens, what pains you have gone and will go through, D&C 121:7-9..... It will ALL be for your good.  Thy days are known and shall NOT be numbered less.  He is with you.
Tell him your pains, frustrations, heartache and hopes.
I have recieved so much comfort and I know he is seeking to console you as well.
I love you.
Sister McDermed passed away on Sunday after a year long battle to what began as liver cancer.  We're singing at her funeral the day after tomorrow.  It's been so humbling, so leveling.  We've come to love them so much! It's been strange going through that situation with this family I love so much.  And realizing how much I love each of you.  What you're going through.  We did something this week with them that was more powerful than anything I've ever felt.
Can I extend a challenge to you? Promise me....
Get the Reflections of Christ:Another Testament of Jesus Christ DVD from Deseret book
(It's the second one, when you're done with it eventually send it for my birthday or christmas, that's all I really need. But please, watch it first..)

**Please, pick a night and for family night watch the SLIDE SHOW on it**
I'm there with you.
And so is He. Your Savior is there, He is real.  What will YOUR embrace be like?
I want you to know He lives.  That the atonement itself is REAL! He hurts when you hurt, and is constantly seeking to embrace and comfort you.  There IS life after death.  This life is merely a test! And IF we endure it well, we WILL be exalted on high! We will be with our family friends and loved ones forEVER.  There is SO much peace and joy ahead!!! But we must go through the sorrrows to give it contrast.  With out pain there truly is no happiness.
I know this gospel is true with all my heart. Keep being strong.
We had SO many incredible miracles this week! So many doors we knocked on with people ready. So many falling into our laps! I KNOW this gospel is true, many are enduring hardships and seeking to find the truth, the purpose of life, that comfort. 
One such miracle is Hermana Soto.  Last week, we were early to an appointment and felt we should knock on a door, so we did.  Hermana Soto answered busy cooking dinner for a bunch of kids and asked if we could come back the next day.  We didn't think much of it, but when we returned, I was floored.  The second we entered the house there was SO much peace.  The spirit was so strong.  She was incredible. We all hardly said anything, just experienced it together.  As we bore testimony of God's love for HER, she broke down into tears.  I have never seen someones heart so full, of heartache and hope.  She's raising 6 kids on her own and has been through more heartache and abuse than we know. I know the gospel can be her anchor.  She prayed and we all cried.  The spirit was so strong.  I KNOW Heavenly Father loves HER so much!!!! I can't wait to see her again tonight and help her on the path to change her life.
The gospel is the good news that can heal souls.
It has healed mine.
Please let it heal yours.

I love you all more than I can say.
You are in my heart thoughts and prayers.

Please keep being strong.

Love your baby girl,
Hermana Lindsay Jardine

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