Thursday, October 28, 2010

Santa Fe Here I Come . . .

So........ I have transfer news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I leave for santa fe in the morning!!! (so, haha, if you could send my boots, white & purple peacoats, and maybe some thick tights, gloves and scarves) :D It's gonna be cold!!!! I will miss it here SO very much!!! These people have become my people. I love them so much. I know I'll be back though.

I was thinking about the signifigance of the spanish names of my areas and I think they define it fairly well. Socorro, literally means "to succor" in spanish, like in the scriptures, but it also refers to 'relief' in relief society. Where as Santa Fe literally means holy faith. I can't think of a better way to describe my time here as relief. These people have been a relief to me during my hardest times and I am so grateful to help them with relief from life by sharing the gospel. I've seen so many incredible people change and become even more amazing. I can't begin to describe the many people I've seen change their lives and come to love. I love it here. Santa Fe will take faith, I don't know anything about the people, weather, or the future. But I know who holds it and I will follow Him in faith. I am excited to see what it holds. :)

I want to share with you the greatest miracle of the week, though it wasn't my own. We witnessed so many, but this story is one that changed my life. The Miranda family.

A year and a half ago, Elder Pearson was in this area and found the Miranda family by knocking on doors. They started teaching them but they weren't very interested. However, their 18 year old daughter became very interested and over time wanted nothing more than to be baptized. However due to medical issues that came up, they just couldn't meet with her and then he got transferred. Other Elders tried visiting their family but never got through. At the same time I got here, Elder Pearson got transferred back. When he and Elder Zeitner went to visit the Miranda family, they found them completely changed. Their 18 year old daughter had died of Kidney failure. And they were broken and ready. They wanted more than anything to be with her forever. And they were overjoyed with the fact that she can still be baptized since she wanted it so badly. That is the goal, the temple. They are one of the best families in our ward. And after recieving the priesthood, Brother Miranda was able to baptized Sister Miranda yesterday after church. It was absolutely incredible. We're going to say goodbye to them today and I will miss them so much. What an incredible miracle.

I can't tell you how much I love these people and will miss them. Yesterday to say goodbye to me, less active members came to church that haven't been in YEARS and so many of our investigators! Most importantly they made good friends and will keep coming. I know I was here for a reason, and I know I'm leaving now for a reason. I will miss them with my whole heart and always think of them. I love these people. They truly are my people. I will miss my home in Horizon City/Socorro Texas.

I KNOW my mission call came from my Heavenly Father. I KNOW He lives and directs this work. I am and forever will be grateful for my time here. I love these incredible people.

I love you all. You are constantly in my prayers and I couldnt' love you more.

Se Fuerte,

Con mi amor,

Hermana Jardine

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