Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hola mi familia!!!
Como estan?! Les quiero muchisimo....
It feels so good to be writing you again. 
Well it's been a busy but good week here.  I can't believe this transfer is almost over.  It feels like it barely begun.... Time is flying way too quickly.  I know I am really going to miss this...
It's been a strange but good week.  We have found SO many people! The strange thing is.... We may never know how the story ends.  Many became english referrals, Some were just passing through and lived other places.  The spirit was so strong every time.  It's strange to be at that beginning stage, and send your heart into the air and wonder where it will go.  I pray for these people every night.  It makes me wonder how much more of a difference we really do make in the world than we know.  How much a difference each of YOU make in the world every day without knowing it.  We get to SEE the accumulation of many influences as people are baptized... but we never see the beginning stages.  It is so fun meeting random people every day and just putting a smile on their face. 
Sister Furman is such a sweet example to me.  She is so sweet and innocent as a little child.  She has Turner's syndrom and many other challenges yet she plows forward with a pure and perfect heart every day. 
The highlight of my week:
Last night we were early for our dinner appointment and as we parked on the street.  Saw a poor old man struggling to pull weeds in the hot sun.  We decided to go help him.  At first he rejected our offer, as we were dressed in skirts.  But with time, we began talking, then working while talking, and we had the job done in ten minutes.  He was about in tears.  Once again... a referral for someone else.  But I felt so GOOD.  So powerful.  Knowing that in that moment, we were showing him the love Christ has for him.  We stood as his arms, his hands.  It doesn't matter where or what the work is.... we just need to go about doing good.  With our whole hearts. 
There were SO many experiences like that this week. 
Heavenly Father truly is letting us love and serve and REACH his children here. 
I love them so much. 
My time in the mission is going too quickly. 
But I know being a representative of Christ will never end. 
It feels so good knowing the big picture.
Bringing light to the souls around us. 
Last night we had a branch activity... a fireside.  Where everyone was asked to bring a flashlight.  After a few talks... We followed the branch president with our lights to the gymn... where Elders were guarding the door.  Everyone had to have their own flashlight or they werent allowed to enter.  Families were split up.  You could see the strange feeling on their face as half of them went through and half stayed.  It really went home.  Later on... it really hit me that THAT is my job.  I have the sacred responsibility of helping people find their light, their testimony... that they may be prepared.  I pray to do so stronger and stronger every day. 
I love you all so much.
You are in my prayers.
Can't wait to see you soon.
Sister Jardine
P.S. Thank you for the package and CD's!!! Mom... I love your letters..... I have loved becoming closer to you and am always here.  Love you.

Sis Furman and I


Sis eteaki and sis batchcoff

excited for morning studies

Neighbors.... beautiful ones

Hairy ones.... 

... And snobby ones.



  1. Are you still serving in Santa Fe? I know you don't know be, but I served in NM in 05 and I'm wondering if you know a few may even be in my old apartment. Just wondering.

  2. She's using the same desk I used for 7.5 months!