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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hola mi querido familia!

 I can't believe today is my four week mark from the day you dropped me off..  One month..  I can't believe how much has changed and how much is still the same..  I love and miss you all so much! :) So...... I found out I've become lactose intolerant? Fun stuff..  I rarely drink milk anyway, but I've tried to do better here at the MTC..  I've been getting horrible stomach aches and getting queezy off and on.. Doctor thought I might be lactose intolerant, so I went a week without milk and felt great! Then had a nice glass of 2 percent the other morning and it about did my organs in..  But it's all good.. :) But if you could next time you send a package send some vitamins that'd be great! :) I'm lackin' my vitamin C ;)  Well, this week has been absolutely amazing..  I can honestly say it's been my hardest time so far, but I have never had such an amazing time or felt so close to the spirit..  Someone shared this quote this week that I loved.. "Strength and struggle go together..  The supreme reward of struggle is strength..  Life is a battle and the greatest joy is to overcome..  The persuit of easy things wakes men weak.. Do NOT equipt yourselves with superiour power and hope to escape the responsiblility and work..  It cannot be done.. It is by following the paths of least resistance that makes rivers and men crooked.."  I LOVE that quote..  It has pushed me to do and be better..  I love the last line..  The strongest rivers are those that are steadfast and press forward, not faltering at the obstacles in front of them.. I want to be like that..  Earlier this week I was struggling with feeling my purpose..  I prayed to feel it stronger, and never has God answered my prayers so strongly or quickly..  Hermana Sigler lives next door to me here..  Her family is hispanic and from just outside of albuquerque..  Her immediate family are the only members and her extended family is stubborn, kind and catholic.. She had been praying for someone to bring the gospel to them and have patience and boldness to not keep giving up..  We became quick friends and I am excited to try and give it all my might..  I know this gospel is true! I want to share it with all who will hear! This week was incredible! We had 10 of the 12 apostles here and the first presidency..  It was so incredible..  And I got to meet my mission president! I LOVE the Millers! They are SO sweet! They are Ben Warnick's aunt and uncle..  They were so kind and I can't wait to get down there and serve them..  I met the others going to my mission..  I am the only girl, haha :) We'll see how it goes but I'm excited! So I have to share with you the most incredible thing.. We had a fireside this week on the (keyboards here struggling) website coming out July 7th..  It is INCREDIBLE!!!! I cannot wait!!! It will change the world!!! It will have profiles where members can share their testimony and why they are mormon.. We are allowed to do it here, so mine will be up there next week as well! :) It has inspiring videos from different members and shows who mormons are and what we believe.. and chat rooms with missionaries and referral and visitors centers to answer questions and talk with investigators..  I LOVE it!!!! I have NEVER felt the spirit so strongly! What they have now you'd be amazed at the conversion stories! I know it will bring so many to the truth! He said something profound, that Heavenly Father created internet FOR missionary work..  After seeing what they are doing I KNOW that is true!!! I KNOW it will have a strong impact on the world and push missionary work along to corners and people we never could reach before.. I can't WAIT to get started..  I KNOW my purpose..  I LOVE this work!!!!! :D I love Heavenly Father and am so grateful he gave me the opportunity to share and love those around me! I love the MTC..   And I can't wait for my work in the field! :) I love you all so much..  Thank you for your letters love and support..  You are the greatest family I could ever ask for..  I love you more than anything.. You are in my prayers every night at 10:30..  Be strong and know I love you!!! I can imagine times are hard, and wish I could be there to help you through the ups and downs of life..  But remember, the pursuit of easy things makes men week..  We must push forward with strait paths.. despite obstacles in our path..  EVERY trial or frustration can make you a stronger better person if you let it..  It's okay to have downs, but always pick yourself up again and follow our savior Jesus Christ..I love you mi familia.. Sé fuerte! Yo se que José Smith restauró el evangelio.. yo testifico que Dios nos ama.. les amo! Nos vemos :) 

Hermana Jardine                                            

P..S.. Could you do three favors for me? I'd do them but I can't..  Could you send me Brittany Sawyer and Megan Gaian's address? And Afifa Sabir and AP (in my phone)'s phone numbers for referrals? Dear elder them soon as you can.. Thank you so much! LOVE YOU!

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